Vegas Style Tips for Tourists – What to Wear in Vegas

vegas dress code

We always get asked, “What should I wear in Vegas?” and the answer in short is, “Whatever you want, but there are some unwritten rules.” Yes, you can get away with wearing pretty much anything in a place called Sin City, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get what you want out of the experience in doing so. Here are a few Vegas style tips for tourists:

Dress (and pack) for the Occasion

If you’re headed to one of the hottest clubs in Vegas, you probably want the best outfit in your ensemble, which is why you should pack at least one outfit that blows your other ones away in terms of glamour and style. You don’t want to be caught taking the easy way out and doing the khakis/jeans/t-shirt thing if you’re a guy (go for a suit if you’re doing it big!), and for the ladies, a sleek dress is always a great look. There’s nothing wrong with comfy clothes if you plan on walking the Strip or doing some attractions, but above all, dress accordingly.

Need a Value?

We can’t all afford to buy a wardrobe just for Vegas, and if you fit into this category, there are a lot of online shops and even some shops and boutiques in Vegas to get the job done for less. There are plenty of options available with a little research. Some people think it’s necessary to drop a lot of money to look good–this is simply not true. Be smart, plan ahead, and look good for less.

Remember the Weather

Wearing shorts during the summer is a must, especially if you are planning on being outside. In the winter time, jeans are the normal fare, but during the day on the Strip, we found ourselves wearing shorts and carrying a light jacket.
If you plan to walk the Las Vegas Strip or visit other casinos, wear a very comfortable pair of shoes. The casinos look close together, but once you start walking, you will soon realize how far apart they are.

Have Fun With It!

Remember, this is a place with little in the way of inhibitions, so have some fun with your wardrobe. If you’re on vacation, chances are you won’t have to deal with your boss asking you what you were thinking wearing your outfit that way while you were there. Take some liberties, enjoy your style, and chances are, others will also.

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